About the author

I’m a physician and epidemiologist who works with infectious diseases in public health. On the side, I write novels that combine travel, suspense, and medicine. A common thread that runs through my novels is the search for justice — for land, for animals, in science, and within the complex web of human interactions at-large. In addition to working full-time and to writing, I travel regularly to developing nations to install solar electric-generating systems at no charge to recipients so that hospitals, clinics, and schools with limited or no electricity may have light and power from the sun. I draw on these travel experiences in my writing. For example, my novel, The Leopard’s Lines, was inspired by two separate trips to Zambia where I had the pleasure of viewing animals in the wild after installing solar panels at a divinity college and on two schools in remote regions of the country. Before installing the panels at one site, a Zambian advised me to look around while I was on the roof of the school because elephants occasionally wandered by in the bush. Alas, no elephant sightings while working there, but plenty elsewhere in the nation’s national parks.