My Novels

Stand At Bay

A medical student runs for his life after discovering an illicit plan to build a hospital along a pristine Pacific bay.


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Update 2/27/2022 : Because of technical issues with order site, I kindly ask that, should you like to receive a paper copy of Stand at Bay, please email me at, and I will send you a copy forthwith.  Electronic copies of the novel may be ordered successfully on


A physician struggles to learn how a protein from bark smuggled into the U.S. from Madagascar causes an epidemic of fatal bleeding.


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The Leopard’s Lines

A young American physician working at a hospital serving destitute patients in the heart of Africa is lured into a battle to save wildlife from poachers.


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Latitude Revenge

 A prominent surgeon who leaves his job abruptly to travel to the Sahara Desert to investigate the cause of an impending pandemic discovers far more than he ever expected.  

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